Imaging University

Everything you want to know about imaging can be accessed on the web. This page will be a growing selection of links to online learning resources for photographers. I might one day put up some of my own lessons and tutorials too, but there is so much out on the web right now (much of it free) that producing imaging tutorials is like taking sand to the beach.

However, some resources are better than others (and some photographers more capable). I hope to share links to some which have informed and inspired me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

I encourage readers around the world to join a Facebook group I created to help other photographers who are looking for meaningful and constructive criticism. If you’re a pro or semi-pro who’d like to share some shots and explain some concepts, please join in the fun! 

Resources From Around The Web

The resources here are some of the best photography pages on the web. You could certainly find all this material and more on your own, but I thought I’d list them all in one handy location. Some of these are super popular and some are lesser known. I hope you benefit from them all, since you can always learn something.

Photo Education Websites

Digital Photography School  This is a great website for people looking to learn the basics and beyond. It’s well illustrated with a large number of articles on numerous subjects, all well organized. 

PhotoVideoEdu  This site is a great repository of “lost knowledge,” such as how to use a light meter (remember what those are??) and a good place to learn all sorts of techniques. 

Cambridge in Color  I just love this website for its simplicity and accessibility. You won’t learn to be an expert photographer here, but it’s a great way to learn and review core concepts. And you should buy their book (PDF version is great). 

Photoshop Essentials  This is a great site for people starting out with Photoshop because the tutorials assume the readers has no (or very little) previous experience with the software. 

Fstoppers  This is one of the best known sites on the web and I list it here for beginners looking for a good place to start. There is so much info there it can be overwhelming, but isn’t that  a good thing? Just be careful of sponsored content masquerading as objective reviews. 

Strobist  What this site lacks in style it makes up for in substance. If you want to built your lighting knowledge from the ground up, Strobist is a great bet. And last time I checked it was all free. 

Karl Taylor Education Taylor is one of the world’s best commercial photographers and he’s a great online teacher, so if you want a good structured course, start here. The best stuff isn’t free, but the subscription isn’t too expensive. 

DP Mag  This is a great place to find random tips and good basic advice on a whole lot of imaging related topics. Well worth bookmarking. 

YouTube Channels

Pixel Village Radhakrishnan Chakyat is an old-school photographer in India who knows his stuff and loves to share knowledge. I never fail to learn a new trick every time I watch one of his videos. 

SLR Lounge   Here is another Indian photographer who achieves dazzling results and explains how he does it in clear, concise and detailed ways. You’ll learn so much on this channel your head will spin.

Phlearn  I would call Aaron Nace the king of Photoshop training. He shows you so many tricks on this channel to bring your images up a notch that it’s hard to keep track of them all.  Be sure to check out Phlearn’s website and consider their paid training. 

PixImperfect  Another genius from India, the creator is a lot like Aaron Nace and I love his teaching style. Just watch, learn and let his knowledge flow into you. 

The Slanted Lens  Jay P Morgan is a highly experienced photographer whose techniques and working methods I have incorporated into my workflow. One of the best YouTube channels on photography.

Learn My Shot  The creators show you how to achieve a bunch of specialized effects. The amount of work they put into some of their shots  is simply incredible. 

Serge Ramelli  His techniques are not for everyone, but I love his teaching style and his urban landscapes are so incredible they defy description. This channel is more about processing than shooting, but that’s okay, because so is all of photography. 

Tony and Chelsea Northrup  Watch this channel for some of the best gear reviews and discussions about the business and culture of pro and amateur photography. It’s worth going through their playlists for some of their older educational content.

Adorama TV  The sheer volume of videos they’ve put up over time is incredible. Everything from core concepts to advanced techniques is here. 

B&H Photo  There are lots and lots of great training videos here. More about shooting than processing, but that’s because they want to sell you stuff. 

Sekonic  They sell light meters and make some fairly informative videos about how to use them. 

Magmod  They sell diffusion systems and make some great basic videos about off-camera flash, applicable far beyond their product range. 

Peter Hurley  The undisputed king of headshots. This might be a bit too specialized for some, but lots of great tips here. 

Karl Taylor  Lots of free tips and tricks from one of the great commercial photographers. 

Gary Fong A lot of his best work was produced a while back, but it’s all still there. I like how he keeps it simple. 

Matt Granger  Here is a versatile photographer in Australia who has put together an awesome general resource for photographers at all levels. You’ll have to hunt through lots of videos to find what you want, but there is a lot there.

Joe Edelman  This channel offers some terrific how-to videos about studio lighting, lens choices, light modification, posing and other important topics. Joe knows his stuff, he’s straight forward and he might just cure your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). 

Miguel Quiles  Lots of great tips and detailed advice about portrait photography. Some of the material is geared to less experienced photographers and he presents it very accessibly. His critiques are worth watching carefully.