Photography on Location.

I take awesome people to beautiful places and shoot them. Really!

Creative imaging. Detailed Edits.

When you pay to have your photo taken, you want more than a snapshot. You want the kind of imaginative framing, professional lighting and detailed post-processing that not every photographer can deliver. Browse the gallery below to see what I can do fo you and your family.

Here's what you get.

When you book a session with me at my standard price, we go to an outdoor location in Okinawa, we shoot and when I’m finished processing, you get 6 carefully edited high-resolution photos. If you’d like more or fewer finished photos, the rates may be negotiable. You bring your own wardrobe and do your own makeup and hair or hire makeup/hair artists at your own expense. 

You can print your finished photos, share them on line, make a calendar or do whatever you like with them at no extra cost.

Reserve your session today!

I’m generally able to shoot any time (with notice). Sunsets are possible (as are sunrises, though much less popular) as are evening shoots. I generally ask for payment in advance at the beginning of the session (or online). Please send me an email to enquire about a booking or contact me via my Facebook page.